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Initially I gave this book five stars but then when I came to write my review it dropped to 4 stars, but it is almost 5 stars.

I loved the set up of this book, and the world building. All the characters are well thought out with their own desires and intentions, making them interesting and realistic.

The majority of the story is set in fairy land. The Fae are cruel to humans, especially Prince Cardan. This makes fairy school hard for Jude and her twin sisters who are mortal. With no magical abilities like their half Fae sister, they are constantly trying to prove their worth.

Jude is clever and ambitious. She is determined to get the Fae kind to see she’s not powerless and trains for the tournament to become a knight. But when a battle for the crown starts up, she sees her opportunity to turn the tables.

The plot, motives, and descriptions were amazing. For some reason I thought there would be romance. There is some romance that adds to the plot, but it was too brief for my tastes.

Read it for sisters and blended family, fans of Fae, and if you love a smart strong spirited female lead.


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