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My thoughts

Jude is living with her Fae sister, with her fiery spirit in tact despite being exiled. This book starts out by showing how the Fae live in our world.

She is still angry with those that betrayed her, but when her twin sister comes begging for help Jude can provide, she can’t help but forgive her and accept the challenge.

Jude then has to continue to pretend to be her sister as she finds herself deep in enemy territory. If she is discovered, she knows she will be killed.

To get her out of danger is a rescue party of unexpected allies. Jude gets back to the kingdom and is recognised as the first human queen of Fae.

This progression is not welcomed by many, and different groups come to challenge them and put the prophecy to the test.

The King is cursed and the Queen must figure out how to save them all. Jude doesn’t disappoint and I got my HEA.

Read it for enemies to lovers, kingdoms and curses, and if you love a smart strong spirited female lead.


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