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I loved this book. Jude has made a deal with the Fae king, to reign for a year and a day under her command. This still is not without danger and conflict.

The new king is not welcomed by all. The political alliances and lines drawn create all sorts of challenges. Even those within their own court have questionable loyalties. Secrets are uncovered in the Tower of the Forgotten.

The King has plenty of interest from potential Fae wives. The love hate passion between Jude and Cardan amps up. Is he just playing with her, or is there more to it.

In this book Jude is betrayed, she is kidnapped , she is tortured. She is finally returned and commanded to kill, but Jude of her own free will kills another.

There was this moment between the lovers when everything seemed so perfect – I had my HEA. Then Holly Black whipped it out of my feet in the last few pages and left me gasping for book 3!

Read it for enemies to lovers, fans of Fae, and if you love a smart strong spirited female lead.


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