My earliest reading memories are built on Roald Dahl’s books. His books brought joy and fear to my childhood and today I shall share those memories and my fondness for his characters.

Roald Dahl’s birthday is 13 September 2018. Each year during September activities are planned close to his birthday to celebrate his books. Find out how to celebrate on his website.

My memories

As a child he was one of my favourite authors and his books will always hold a special place in my heart.

The first novel I stayed up to read

As a little girl, my dad read me a chapter of a book each night at bedtime. One night, we started the BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

He finished the first chapter, tucked me in and turned off the light. But, I couldn’t sleep as I wondered, what happened next to the kidnapped little girl in giant land?

Their was a dim glow coming from my nightlight and I sat up and took a sneaky peek at the next chapter… – Next thing I know, it is morning. The book was finished and I hadn’t slept a wink. I think I had to take the day off school to recover from my reading marathon.

I wasn’t a fan of the film. The little girl wasn’t as I remembered but it may be that it was a long-time since I read the book.

The scariest book I never finished

After that, my dad thought I was able to read before bed on my own. He reminded me of the importance of sleep and tucked me in.

One night, Roald Dahl engrossed me in a world where terrible child-loathing withes existed. It was so real and terrifying, I never finished the book.

I have since watched the film and loved it but the book is still too much.

My all time favourite

It has to be Matilda. She’s a likable character that is strong and determined and doesn’t let her misfortune hold her back. She has telekinetic powers and uses them to make things right. I wanted to be her.

The film is great fun for kids. All the characters look exactly as I imagined, especially, the villain, Ms Trunchball.

Final thoughts…

I am looking forward to sharing Roald Dahl with my children.

We’ve had free books from MacDonald and my 4y old has enjoyed his samples of The Enormous Crocodile, Willy Wonka and The Witches (he’s braver than me).

He has recently started picking chapter books from the library (Thank you Dennis The Menace from bringing the term ”bum face” into our home), so, I think he is likely ready for a Roald Dahl novel. With his recent love of toilet humour, I think The Twits would be a good place to start or George’s Marvellous Medicine. What do you think?

Can you remember the first book that kept you up all night and which Roald Dahl book is your favourite?

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