My plan was to create a YouTube video reflecting on previous years of the festival. Instead our home was struck with chicken pox. First my youngest had it, then it was school holidays, and then my oldest had it. Having the kids home all the time, has impacted my time to do anything for myself.

It doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to stop me getting excited about this year’s Felixstowe Book Festival. It’s literally starts next Saturday!

Author Ally Aldridge at Felixstowe Book Festival

When I first attended Felixstowe Book Festival, I dreamt that one day it could be me as an author, Once I published Ocean Heart, I thought maybe my dream would come try but the pandemic struck. The Children’s program was cancelled.

This is the first year since then that they have had a children’s programme, and I’m part of it. More details on my Events page.

Let’s Talk Fantasy at Felixstowe Book Festival

My event is on Saturday, 17 June 2023 at 11:30am at Felixstowe Library. I will be joined by Imogen and Phoebe, and we’re going to be chatting Fantasy books.

It is a FREE event, but you need a ticket to attend. Get your ticket from their website

For now, I wish to encourage you to come join us, especially if you love YA fantasy books. You should also check out the program and see what else takes your fancy. There is so much to offer.


Here are some blog posts I did about previous years, that maybe one day, I’ll turn into a YouTube video…

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