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Lion’s Share

The Wildcat series is by one of my favourite authors, Rachel Vincent. I fell in love with The Shifter series years ago and have since sought something equally as good.

If you haven’t read The Shifter series, I highly recommend it. The first book in the series is ‘Stray’.

Lion’s Share

This is the first book in the Wild cat series.

What is the book about?

The series is a spin off from the shifter series. It has two MCs; Abby (tabby) and Jace (an acting Alpha). The werecat world has their own laws to ensure that the prides all cooperate. As tabby shifters (girl werecats) are rare, they are highly valued and protected. However, this makes life very difficult for the girls who are constantly watched by enforcers (werecats trained to protect tabby’s and enforce the law) and cannot do a lot due to their safety. Abby is very fortunate that she has been allowed to attend university (Faythe is the only tabby ever to be granted this privilege).

Skip to ”What did I think” to avoid spoilers.

How it starts

Due to a number of shifter deaths in the territory, Jace has reason to believe a group are hunting them. Jace decides to bring Abby back to the ranch for Christmas for her safety. Especially as the hunters came after Abby and her university friends in the past, killing all but her roommate. When Abby learns the council are meeting about the hunters she accepts Jace’s offer to join his enforcers even though the offer made was a compliment when she’d defended herself against hunters. Jace has to honour his word and she becomes the newest enforcer on his force.

The middle

Abby is engaged to Brian. Brian is a safe choice and she only accepted his proposal to stop the other werecats hitting on her. Sadly, they have no chemistry. The more time she spends with Jace, the more she realises she is with the wrong man and breaks off the engagement. Things get physical and steamy between the pair. Abby keeps sabotaging the missions, to the point where she has broken so many laws she is to be sent back to her family. Abby doesn’t want to go and runs away. Jace and his guys then figure out what she’s been up to… Who she is protecting.

How it ends

Abby’s roommate, Robyn, was infected by a stray when the hunters attacked them. Never has a woman survived scratch fever. Abby knows that the council would want to test Robyn and enforce their laws and world on her. Abby kept Robyn a secret to protect her from all that. Jace and his enforcers help Abby fight the hunter and save her roommate. They then have to stand trial before the council. Jace takes full responsibility for Abby’s crimes as her Alpha – he is banished to the free territory. Abby defects (quits all prides) and takes off with Jace. The free zone is very dangerous due to there being no laws but fortunately Jace has contacts as he was working with Titus to get the free zone recognised with rights. Titus takes them in.

What did I think

Read it! It is quite a steamy novel and the chemistry between the pair is sizzling. I’ve already bought the next book in the series.

The only thing I found strange is the girl on the cover is not Abby. Abby is described as a redhead with curly hair and the cover girl has sleek brown hair. The next book in the series is about the roommate, Robyn who better fits the description. I wonder if they’ve used the same model for the whole series to give a uniformed look.

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