I appreciate how GoodReads helps me record the books I wish to read, let’s me track my progress of my current reads, and stores my ratings and reviews of read books.

In addition, I love how I can set a reading goal and Goodreads lets me know how close I am to achieving it. This year I read 14 books OVER my goal.

Not only that but Goodreads provides interesting analytics about my reads.

My Year in Books 2022

A YouTube Short showcasing my reads from 2023

The Top 5 Reads of 2022

On Kofi, I will be sharing Shorts on my top 5 2022 reads every week, and a full length video will be coming to YouTube in early February.

My 2022 Reads Analytics.

I love how I started and ended the year with an Indie Book. Both were books I loved.

First book of the year was: Forever Burn by Trinity Lemm


Last book of the year was: Shadows of the Circus by JD Groom


My longest book was: Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff


My shortest book was: Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes


The most shelved (popular) book was: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


My 2023 Reading Goal

I think I got carried away with reading this year and it impacted my writing goals. I want to be more productive towards my publishing goals this year so I’m setting my goal at 18 books.

There’s still plenty of books on my TBR that I didn’t get to. I’m going to shortlist the ones I want to read most – I don’t think this will be easy.

I’m excited for all the books I will get to read this year and wish you a Happy 2023. Feel free to friend my on Goodreads – the more the merrier.


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