With Christmas fast approaching, I have decided to create a list of gift ideas writers. Here you go from the extravagant to the affordable.

As my list got too long for my post <eek>, I have had to split it between two posts.  Part 1 is the more affordable gifts and part 2 are the more extravagant gifts.

Here it is, gifts under £20:

Writing Jewelry

The Literary Gift Company: This website is great for lovers of literature as it has a rich collection of products that is bookish or writing inspired. I love these Origami Rose Earrings for £12.99

Nabu Online: This store specializes in gifts for writers. I like the writers charm bracelet RRP £20.00. 

Writing resources

Wearth London: This store enables you to shop by your ethical values (i.e. zero waste, plastic free, vegan, etc).  I like this Write Your Own Story pencil pot RRP £16.00 which would look great on any writers desk.  In addition, you could buy reusable gift wrap – it is made from fabric and therefore can be used year after year, saving money and making zero waste.

A writer’s struggle is real, so you could buy them a notebook with a motivational quote to keep them going when times are tough.  Or a writer or bookish type quote.  There is lots of choice on Cafe Press and RRP is about £13.00.  

If you think your writer would like a more sophisticated notebook, then check out the notebooks from Beautiful Notebooks.  For example, PaperBlanks is a brand that creates  notebooks with either blank pages or have dot-grids, enabling the writer to jot anywhere on the page and add drawings.  In addition, the purchase contributes to charities and products come with a history about the design.

Support a fellow artist and the environment and buy a beautiful notebook designed by Louise Manson at Bombi Design. With unique designs her unicorn or mermaid notebooks would be an ideal git for a fantasy writer. RRP starts at £15.99.

You could buy the writer a noticeboard.  You can choose between a cork board or a magnetic board.  I prefer the magnetic boards as you can often write on these and use magnets with inspirational quotes.  These are useful for mapping out the plot, collecting ideas and character details. There is a great range on Zazzle.  Here are some examples of the magnets you could buy:

If you like giving practical gifts, how about these files by Klever Case. The files look like books and can make storing boring paperwork look much more appealing.  Or, you could fill it with writing tools like pens and notebooks and it could be a handy box to store it all (and make a fabulous useful gift).  These RRP at £18.95.

If you writer uses a laptop or tablet to write, they may like a Laptop Tray so they can write in bed or on the sofa.  Check out this one from Amazon RRP £21.89 which include a little draw for them to keep their pens or USB in.

Your writer may also really appreciate a nice USB flash drive.  How about this book shaped one RRP £7.99 from Amazon.

Book Festival tickets

There are lots of festivals running all year. You could buy them tickets to a large event that specialises in their favourite genre or a local one. Many book festivals have workshops or talks that writers will appreciate and you could get them a ticket for these. The gift could include an overnight stay. For ideas of festivals to look out for, check out my following posts:

Drinking resources

Many a writer will confess to their caffeine addiction that gets them through those drafts and edits.  So here are some mugs that really stood out to me that writers would love:

The Disappearing Cheshire Cat Mug for RRP £12.99 on The Literary Gift Company.  The Cheshire Cat only appears when their is a warm drink in the mug.  I want this mug so badly! 

You could hunt for the perfect Grammar or Punctuation mug for the writer to drink from whilst editing.  There are some funny ones about but be aware not all writers love colourful language (decide if swear words are a no go).  Check out these on Super Mug for about RRP £11.99.

The Story Gift is a brilliant site full to gifts for readers or writers (as they tend to go hand in hand).  There is a great range of choice (more mugs) and you could buy them a “Writing in Progress” coaster to go with the mug RRP £4.50.

For the Writer on the move, you might want to get them a water bottle or travel mug.  Cafe Press has a wide range of items that you can personalise and you could buy them a gift to keep their ides refreshed.

Book voucher

Amazon gift vouchers are a great option because Amazon has a wide range of books and other products. The great thing about their eCard is you can send the voucher by email, saving on post and gift wrap. Alternatively, you can have it sent to them in a physical format and one option is as a bookmark. Then they can buy the book in their preferred format (hardback, paperback, ebook, audio, etc) or something else they want. Alternatively, you could buy them a Kindle subscription so they can download books whenever they wish. Kindle Unlimited cost £7.99 per month until you end the subscription and gives access to millions of titles for free.

You could support their local book shop by buying a gift voucher for there. After all, this is where the writer is likely to do book signings and talks once published (or already does).

Reading resources

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this category but here some ideas of things your writer will love if they also love books:

Ethical Marketplace: The name of this store makes it clear that the ethics of the products is important.  They have a whole category for stationery on this site.  I was really taken by the up-cycled leather book mark/money clip for RRP £15.00.  

There is a wife range of choice for unusual Book Ends from Not On The Highstreet. I like the “Once Upon a Time” ones by British designer Heather Alstead for RRP £24.95.


Writers are constantly using their hands for their craft.  So, you could look to treat those digits with a nice hand soap, hand cream, gloves or even a manicure from a local salon.

My favourite hand soap is by Cosy Cottage Soaps.  The soaps are handmade, ethically made and no nasty ingredients.  You can even purchase them a subscription service starting at RRP £3.90.

Or, you could buy them a nourishing hand cream.  I like this quirky design by Balde En Provence in the shape of an apple.  It smells delicious.  I might try the pear one next.  RRP 12.50 EUR


The Writer’s Toolbox is a game from The Literary Gift Company RRP £17.95.  The game is desgined to teach you to use the right side of your brain for being creating. 

A great buster for writers block is Rory’s StoryCubes.  The game consists of a collection of dice with different pictures.  Roll these and then write a story linking the images together.  RRP £9.99 

Thank you

With this affordable writers gift list, there is no reason why anyone should struggle to buy a writer a gift.  At these prices, you can always treat yourself.  Is there anything on this list you would love?  Please let me know ifI have missed anything out.

Thank you for reading my affordable writers gift list.  I hope you found it useful.  If you would like more ideas, please check out my extravagant writers gift list.

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