You may have caught my previous post where I reflected on my progress so far this year towards my annual goal. As we enter into Summer, I am evaluating where I am at and setting myself some new goals for the next quarter.

Social Media

Blog (Word Press):  To continue to post at least twice a week keeping to my content schedule as much as possible.  

Instagram:  To maintain the new connections I have made and continue to engage with them and share content about my writing.

Twitter:  Continue to share links to my content on Twitter and connect with writers on the platform.

Facebook page:  To brainstorm how I can use this to connect with more writers.

YouTube: To be brave and get in front of the camera and start sharing video content.  

Tumblr: Share Instagram and Word Press content to this platform.


Jewel of the Sea:  Enter into the Wattys.  Put novel out to Beta Readers.  Take part in September’s #PitMad.  Work on my query letter.  

Diamond in the Sky: Re-plot novel, edit existing version and write ending.

Festivals:  Attend festivals:

  • Felixstowe Book Festival
  • YALC
  • Wow-Con


Working Together Course:  Finish this course.

Crafts: Make time at least once a week:

  • Planner:  continue to use Carpe Diem planner
  • Pocket letter:  write another pocket letter
  • Scrapbook:  Do at least one page
  • Crochet:  Finish Aria’s blanket for her birthday

Read at least four and a half books by the end of September:  I have read three books so far this year.  I’ve started two books I have just not been able to get.  I will most likely buy new books at the festivals.


Writer courses:  Continue to take advantage of any free courses that come my way if I have the time to do these.  

Resource book:  Buy another writing help book.  I am considering the Emotion Thesaurus.

What are your goals?

I shall review these again at the end of September.  I often feel like I haven’t achieved much until I acknowledge what I have managed to do.  Will you be setting any goals?

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