This was a lovely surprise. For Mothers Day, my husband bought me a Skin Organics box. He remembered how much I enjoyed receiving this before having our daughter.

And, the timing couldn’t be better. In March the Government placed the UK in lockdown. Adjusting to this new lifestyle wasn’t easy but with the Skin Organic box being appropriately themed “Meditate” it was filled with beautiful products to help me relax.

Blue labelle Boutique – Face Oil

Blue Labelld Face Oil

This it the 10ml travel size bottle and retails at £7.50, but it is a decent size as you only need a little and can last 2.5 months if used daily. The full size is £22 for 30ml.

I really like that it has a spray. I cant help but do two squirts so my bottle will likely go faster. I don’t need two squirts but I can’t help myself. I will want to replace this when it runs out.

Help Me Organics – Room Spray

Help me have a mindful of calm

This isn’t the sort of thing I would usually buy. I wasn’t sleeping well and the virus was playing on my mind. I decided to give this a go. I’m not a fan of lavender so I wasn’t sure but it resulted in the best nights sleep ever.

I woke up rejuvenated and have started spritzing my room whenever I need a boost of calm. For £9 this is great value. I think if I re-buy I might try a different fragrance.

Refresh Tea Soap & Soap Co – Zzz Zone Out Bath Bar

Zzz Zone Out Bath Bar

This bar of soap is really big. It doesn’t fit in my soap dish! With the extra hand washing, and soap being the most effective, I am loving this bar.

I have been using it to wash my face and it’s so gentle I’ve not had any breakouts. It costs £12 and I think it will last forever.

Om Shanti Alchemy – Meditation Oil

Om Shanti Alchemy Fire Meditation Oil

This was the first product I used. I was having a very challenging day and snuck upstairs to calm down. I searched for some guided meditation on YouTube as I wasn’t sure what to do.

I enjoyed meditating and it did help me relax. Since then, I’ve tried it again. I can see how certain scents could help you get in the zone and this smells really good, but I keep forgetting to use it.

Skin AlchemistsIntense Skin Treatment (Sweet Dreams)

Skin Alchemists Sweet Dreams Intensive Skin Treatment

I’ve not used this yet. It sounds very indulgent so I’m waiting for a moment I can fully enjoy this.

What you do it light the candle and wait 15 minutes and enjoy the scent. Then blow it out. Wait 2 minutes and then use the warm oil to massage your skin or add a few drops to the bath. The full size costs £38.

I was really spoilt this mother’s day and I love how these brands are not only cruelty free but also use organic ingredients. Have you tried any of these products or brands?

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