Pintrest - Poem April 3.pngForbidden love

Opposites attract

Fire and ice

The kissing app


Secret desires

The millionaire

Rose and thorns

Chuck and Blair


Passionate encounter

Hot summer nights

An unlikely pair

A lovers plight


Two become one

Secrets of the manor

A promise made

Bad boys banter


Alpha promised

Pirates bounty

Bewitched master

Across the county


Day 3’s challenge

For Day 3 the challenge was to write a poem using band names or book titles (you can make them up).

I wasn’t sure what to make of today’s theme but as a fan of a good romance novel, I thought maybe I could come up with something decent to do with their titles…

I’ve not had much time today so glad I managed to get this post done on time.

Romance writers connect

Here’s the pic from Instagram I am trying figure out how to ‘Regram’ without loosing the rules:

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