Just before summer, I treated myself to some new makeup. Most days I’m not wearing make up as I’m just at home in lockdown but when I do, I prefer to keep things quite natural.

My new natural look:

What I used:

Madara Organic Makeup

I got the Madara Age Defying Sunscreen (SPF30) in a Natrismo box last summer showcasing different suncare products. It was my favourite in the box and I wanted to try more by the brand.

When I saw Naturismo doing a 50% off all Madara deal, I couldn’t resist trying some new products.

I’m finding the foundation a bit drying for my skin type. I think when it’s time to replace, I’ll get the sunscreen instead.

Skin Equal – Soft Glow Foundation (shade 10): RRP £33

The Concealer (shade 15): RRP £20

Vapour Beauty

Usually, I buy Vapour foundation and concealer, and love the soft creamy texture.

Last summer, Vapour were selling minis of their multi use products. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be doing them this year which is a real shame as I prefer the minis. I used the mini on my lips and cheeks.

Runway Minis – Aura Multi Use (shade Courtesan): N/A (NB: Full size RRP £34)

Lily Lolo

This brand was my first Organic foundation. Their mineral powders are very affordable and worth checking out.

Eye Pallette (Laid Bare): RRP £21

Jane Iredale

This brand has one of the biggest range of shades for foundation colours and types. I’ve tried and loved them all.

I once had a palette that enabled me to try a wide range of lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadows. They were all high quality and I meant to buy the full size but never got round to it.

I’ve always been curious to try their lash builder and the minis are a great opportunity to do this. These would also be useful to anyone who rarely wears make up and just wants a small amount for a special occasion.

Mini Pure Lash – Extender & Conditioner: £2.50

Mascara – Longest Lash (shade Black Ice): £2.50

I am going to buy the full-size version. I’ve found the best price is to buy them together from a Salon in Brighton called Skin Maze.

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14 thoughts on “Summer Make-Up

  1. Challenged by a new serious illness that has me immunocompromised and home except for medical appointments this summer, I’m not even dressed everyday. I realize it has been a long time since I’ve worn makeup. Our area of the US state of Pennsylvania is just starting to ease outside restrictions and face masks are required almost everywhere. I imagine this is taking a toll on makeup sales, except perhaps for eye makeup.

    1. I used to get lash extensions but my due to lockdown the Beautian had to cease. I miss them because I have naturally short, blonde, thin lashes. Masks aren’t as strict in the UK, only mandatory on public transport. I’ve managed to shop online and work from home so not had a need for my mask. When we stay in I don’t tend to wear makeup either 🙂

  2. Here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, we are just starting to open up and masks are required to be worn in public settings. I imagine this has resulted in decreased sales of makeup other than eye makeup.

  3. I haven’t worn makeup either since Covid. Some days I want to put on blush or lipstick but then I realize that it doesn’t matter because I’m not going anywhere and you can’t really see it when I wear a mask. I do wear tinted sunscreen when I’m taking a walk outside.

  4. I haven’t been wearing makeup since Covid. With a mask on there’s no need for makeup. I used to wear blush and lipstick. Now I only put it on when I’m on a zoom call. I do like your natural look.

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