Book Review: Trust Me by Maddie James

The novel is set in the future. Cyan and her mother are hunted because they are the last Caucasian women. They are wanted for science, trafficking, etc. Cyan’s mother was lost, presumed dead, when she was younger during an attack in their home. Cyan has spent most of her life on the run with her dad until he was murdered. Cyan is then on the run getting help from an unlikely companion, her father’s murderer.


The book starts off by showing us this futuristic world. As Cyan’s needs to live off the grid to keep her safe, they actually live a very simple life. Cyan grows up in an extremely sheltered life where her mum is her main companion.

The start of the book is a little disorientating as we jump back and forth in time and between the viewpoints. You best get used to this style of story telling as it is used throughout the book.


I’m not keen on books where the characters are travelling. As Cyan is never safe, she’s always on the move.

Cyan lost her mother when she was young during an attack in the family home. She then spent a number of years raised solely by her dad. Her dad is getting old and struggling to keep her safe so he gets Devin (someone who has hunted them for years to get the bounty) to kill him and take on the role of protecting Cyan. The promise Devin makes to Cyan’s dad forces them together.

It was uncomfortable to read at times. There wasn’t only one rape scene but several, told by different characters and at different times.

At first Cyan doesn’t like Devin, he killed her dad. Devin keeps their relationship strictly business as he worries that if he gets emotionally involved it will cloud his judgement. Cyan learns to depend on Devin for protection and Devin learns to trust Cyan and her premonitions. The romance between them grows and I enjoyed the steamy scene in the barn.

I also liked Cyan’s powers and would have liked to have seen more of this but then she would have been less vulnerable. She gets a vibration feeling when danger is coming and premonitions that cone true. She also has a very destructive power which she used to attack hunters when they hunted her family. All the time in hiding, they never thought to encourage her to practice her powers to use them to keep them safe. So sadly, Cyan can’t use them.

The End

There was a decent end to the book. There were two plot twists and Cyan finally used her powers to save them.

The ending is left open for possibly another book.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this book was not for me. I was provided this book by Net Galley for an honest review.

I wasn’t keen on the constant danger or the idea that being the last woman with blue eyes meant men wanted to rape you. I found it hard to understand and it felt racist at times because men of colour were unable to control their urge and behaved like savage animals. If these are trigger points for you, give this book a miss.

Another gripe was her father’s plan for her survival.  I found it a bit odd – why die. I couldn’t understand why Devin was risking his life for a promise to a dead man he had never really known. I didn’t believe Cyan would willingly go with Devin after seeing him murder her dad, especially as she didn’t know why and only had Devin’s word that it was what her dad wanted.

However, there are also many good points. The book is very well written with lots of showing and the world was brought to life in a natural way that sucked you in. I loved Cyan’s powers and wanted more. I loved the secret behind her necklace and it was a great reveal at the end. The slow burning romance kept me turning the page and I was thrilled when the pair finally got it on.

The author has written plenty of other books and maybe another title would be more my thing but I don’t think I will be in a hurry to read another one unless it comes highly recommended by someone who knows my reading tastes.

Have you read a book by Maddie James? Do you like novels set in the future or characters with powers?

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NaNoWriMo progress (Day 16 to 25)

I’m not going to post an update every day as I think that will be too much.  I thought every 5 days would be better but I’ve struggled with that so it has turned into updates every 10 days!

The goal

My goal is to write 25k in 31 days to finish my novel titled Glide. I’ve called the project Diamond In The Sky as this is what I am considering renaming the novel as.

You can click:

  • here to see my post about setting the goal.
  • here to see my post covering day 1 to 5
  • here to see my post covering day 6 to 15

NaPoWriMo Diary

Day 16 to 20.png

Day 16

Pregnancy is really catching up with me.  I am so tired by the time I finish work and it is so hot in the evenings, all I want to do is lie on my bed and dream of owning a fan.

I did received some good news.  An article I wrote for a publication was accepted!

Day 17

So, today the good news got better as they sent me a link of how my article would look for my approval.  Plus, they asked me what I’d like to write next!

At work, I went to lunch with a group of colleagues.  It was sort of a leaving lunch because it is the last time we will all be in the office at the same time before I go on maternity leave, next week.

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Boule Burger #yummyfood

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I did manage to do a little blog writing on my mobile whilst I melted in the heat.  I went to bed early and didn’t do any NaNo writing.

Day 18

I have left the gifts to the last minute so Noah and I were up early doing crafts before nursery.  I was pretty impressed with what we did.

I had the afternoon off work to take him to his graduation party at the other nursery.  It was a lovely little party but I still don’t think he understands nursery is coming to an end.

I’m so busy with all the activities with his nursery coming to an end and everything I need to do before maternity that I haven’t the energy when I get home to do creative writing.

Day 19

Today, was my son’s last day of nursery – we were up early making crafts for this placement too. I had a busy day at work as my colleagues suddenly realised I only have two days of work left!

I did receive some very good.  My CIPD tutor let me know that all my assignments are now marked (including re-submissions) and I have passed.  So, I can relax and focus on my baby and writing.

On that note, I wrote 576 words.  I know it isn’t a lot but it is much better than the other days.

Day 20

This morning, Noah had another sports day – there is double of everything because he has a dual placement.  It was out in the sun with no shelter and no where to sit.  Noah wanted to visit his nanny afterwards but my feet were so swollen they looked like elephant trotters, so we had to go home so I could put my feet up.

It’s very hard to write upside down and it took me the rest of the day to get my feet to go back to normal.  I was also incredibly tired and fell asleep for 2 hours in the afternoon. I’m lucky my husband was off ill otherwise who knows what my son would have got up to.  As a result, I didn’t do any NaNo.

On a plus note, my husband and his best friend worked on building the nursery furniture which is a huge relief to see the room finally coming together.

July NaPoWriMo Day 21 to 25.png

Day 21

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today and booked in for some pampering.  I felt so relaxed and happy afterwards.

Sadly, I returned home to learn there is a problem with the wall stickers I ordered for the nursery as the seller is in America.  I spent the rest of the day coming up with a new theme for the nursery and looking for UK sellers that do the same sort of thing… with no luck and no NaNo progress.

Her walls will be white like the blank page on my computer screen.

Day 22

Today, I got straight on the PC and wrote 2k before doing anything.  I sent my husband off in the evening for a rock climbing experience day which left me alone with the PC once the little man was in bed and I got another 1k done.

I now have a fan!  Yay!  Thank you mother-in law.

Day 23

I started the day full of determination to get home and do some writing but at work they were having building work which resulted in the air con being turned off and on the roof their are seagulls and their chicks and they are aggressive – so we can’t open the windows.  By the time I returned home I felt like I was dying and wasn’t good for anything!  To make matters worse I felt like I was coming down with a cold – despite the heatwave… is that even possible.

Day 24

Yes, it is possible.  Today was my last day at work before maternity leave and I was streaming from my nose with my cold and sweating along with everyone else suffering in the heat.  Most of my colleagues were on holiday as they had to use it up before the end of July.  The one colleague that was in treated me to lunch for my last day which broke the day up and made it feel a tad more special.

When I got home, I couldn’t even put my son to bed as I was so ill and exhausted.  I opted to sleep on the sofa as I didn’t want to keep my husband up with all the nose blowing.  I was right – I didn’t sleep a wink.

Day 25

This was supposed to be the day that clawed it back!  I really thought I’d have all day to write but I’m ill, haven’t slept, feeling very pregnant and it’s too hot.  I spent a lot of time between household chores (nothing too strenuous) just roasting in front of the fan.  I am so glad that Noah had holiday club as there is noway I would have kept up with him.

I did manage to take some pics for my blog that had to be done as the deadline for a scheduled post is in two days.  I have struggled today but managed to add a few words to the count.


Days 16 to 20 were pretty poor – partly why I didn’t feel motivated to do a 5 day diary for that period.

I’m really pleased with my day 22 progress which shows what I can achieve if I have a fan and time and feeling healthy.

I’m also really pleased about my article getting published.  If you’d like to read my post about this achievement, please click here.

Fingers crossed I can crackdown these last few days and somehow still do this!  It’s not over yet!  I refuse to give up!  I just need days like day 22.

Are you doing the challenge? How are you getting on?

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NaPoWriMo progress (Day 6 to 15)

So, I said I’d update every 5 days but was so busy I didn’t!  So this is a 10 day diary on how NaPoWriMo is going, covering day 6 to 15.

Setting the goal

My goal is to write 25k to finish my novel titled Glide. I’ve called the project Diamond In The Sky as this is what I am considering renaming the novel.  You can click here to see my post about setting the goal.

Day 1 to 5

If you want to read how the first 5 days went, please click here to view the post.

Day 6 to 15

We are now half way through the challenge and it is challenging…  Here is how day 6 to 15 have gone:

Day 6 to 10.png

Day 6

I wrote 0 words.  I started the day trying to get some laundry done in the morning.  The afternoon was my son’s graduation ceremony at nursery which was an amazing day.  When I got home, I told my husband all about how proud I was and just didn’t do any writing.

Day 7

I wrote 1,289.  I decided to skip a chapter that I was struggling to get motivated to write and instead wrote the next chapter.  Now, I feel clearer about the chapter I skipped and ready to go back and write it.

Day 8

I wrote 1,493.  I feel clearer about where my story is going now and was able to write the next chapter. It wasn’t the most exciting chapter but it was necessary and setting the path for what is to come.

Day 9

I got a refer on one of my CIPD assignments – I had hoped the course was finish so I could concentrate on other projects like NaPoWriMo.  The time after work that I would have spent writing had to be put on hold as I needed respond to my lecturers feedback and resubmit ASAP.  I want to finish before I have my baby and my due date feels like a ticking bomb!

Day 10

Today, was my Hypnobirthing class.  I love Hyponbirthing.  It is so relaxing.  The only problem is that I am so chilled out afterwards that I can’t do anything.  Word count was zero.

Day 11 to 15.png

Day 11

I was determined when I got home from work to catch up with my word count but I got as far as about 426 words before my son started being sick.  I then spent an uncomfortable night with him, comforting him as it came out of both ends.  He was amazingly tough though.

Day 12

Hubby took the day off to look after my son as it would be very difficult for me to rearrange my appointments at work, especially with only 6 days of work left before maternity leave starts.  On next to no sleep, I did a full days work (let’s call it newborn training).  When I arrived home I was too tired to write.

Day 13

Yay, my son is better.  Just as well as we had a busy day planned.  I cancelled visiting a friend with a newborn as a precaution – my son could be contagious – instead, we did jobs in town (pay library fines, allergy test for my pampering next weekend, etc).  Then we went home for lunch. In the afternoon, we visited the school he will be starting in September to take part in a preparing for school activity.  Then my husband’s best friend came over and we chatted until I had to go to bed.

Day 14

Our house is a mess!  We spent most the morning doing chores at home and popped out to buy paint for the nursery.  I then played with my son in the garden in this glorious sunshine.  It’s so good to see him happy and well.

Then once he was in bed, I got ready for a night on the sea front with one of my best friends – something we want to enjoy before life gets complicated with a new born.  Word count was zero though.

Day 15

Today, my hubby has been great keeping my son busy so I could get in front of the PC during the day because I’m often too tired in the evening. I manged to achieve 2.5k!  That is my personal best this month and it is only midday so there is chance I could add to that later on.

I also really like what I have written. There was a bit of adding to earlier chapters as well as adding a new chapter.  I got to write about her casting and developing her powers and confronting Mariah and I loved it.  The boys are back now but I will be looking for any chance to sneak off and write some more.


I’m so pleased with my achievement today.  If only I could have more days like that. I have seen what I can achieve if I can get the time to be able to write.  I still love that feeling of creating my story, the world, characters and the magic.  It is what I love and even when I felt like quitting, I couldn’t.  This is me.

I am still behind target though, however, I have had some unexpected challenges that halted my progress. I thought I had finished my CIPD course and I had not anticipated my son being ill.

I have still managed to keep my blog posts regular and sent an article to a publication (fingers crossed they like it).  I’d like to get ahead of my blog schedule as I’m sure I’ll be distracted once the baby is here and I don’t want to fall silent.

When I think about all I am juggling, I am achieving an awful lot – even if I do say so myself.

Let me know if you are doing the challenge and how you are getting on?

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NaPoWriMo progress

I’m not going to post an update every day as I think that will be too much, but I thought every 5 days would be a nice spacing. Here is how it is going…

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#nanowrimo Progress so far…

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Setting the goal

I only discovered that NaNoWriMo can be done in July (not just November) the night before it was due to start.  I quickly created my account and set my goal.  You can click here to see my post about this.

My goal is to write 25k to finish my novel titled Glide. I’ve called the project Diamond In The Sky as this is what I am considering renaming the novel as. Here’s how I am getting on towards the challenge.

Day 1

To achieve 25k, Camp NaNo suggested my daily goal be 807 words.  I was very pleased when I kicked off with 806 words.

It was a fun chapter to start with involving the battle where Kiara loses her soul and becomes a crow.

Day 2

I achieved 442 words which wasn’t as great as I hoped but it was the first day back at work and I was shattered when I got home.

It’s not so much the word count I was disappointed with but with what I wrote. This chapter was the first time Kiara got to fly. For something so exciting I think the chapter needs more to it. When I come to edit, I think I’ll spend a bit of time improving this part.

Day 3

Today, I went to my first hypnobirth class and returned home so chilled out, I could barely move.  I couldn’t write, I couldn’t do anything but be relaxed.  I think everyone should do the course (pregnant or not). We live in a busy world and learning to find your zen is crucial.

Sadly, the result was a terrible word count of zero.  On a plus note, I wrote some notes on what needs to happen in the story to give myself some focus.

Day 4

I wanted to make up for skipping yesterday so despite a hard day at work I got in front of the keyboard and added a further 1,973 (the best word count so far!).  My focus notes really helped me get started which saved time and got me writing. Perhaps, day 3 was more productive than I realised.

Day 5

There is no denying that I’m tired now. I went to work wearing odd shoes (one navy, one black). In my defence, my bump is so big now, I can’t see my feet when I am slipping on my shoes. At least they were the same style. I would show you a pic but my feet look awful, so swollen, like trolls feet.

When I got home, I tried to put my feet up but my little boy wasn’t himself. He had this foul eggy burps and I thought he was going to be up all night being sick. I decided it best to conserve my energy and go to bed early. In the end, he was only up twice to use the loo but no sickness – phew.


The first 5 days has gone okay. I would like to have done better but I am fighting against my body and juggling my responsibilities. Now is the weekend, I’m hoping to get in front of the keyboard, get ahead and set a new best. I’ll let you know how I get on by day 10.

Personally, I would like to achieve the challenge early incase my baby comes early.

Are you doing the challenge? How are you getting on?

Happy International Women’s Day

I didn’t even know that there was an International Women’s Day until this year!  I must have learnt about it at school because the movement was started by the Suffragettes in 1911. I remember studying the women and being inspired by their passion for change.

Here are some hashtags you may be interested in:

  •  #TimesUp:  Challenging sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace.
  • #MeToo:  Raising awareness of sexual assault instead of hiding it.
  • #PressForProgress:  This is the official theme of the International Women’s Day. It has ideas to enable everybody to take part in being inclusive of women.

I have never categorized myself as a feminist but I do feel that men and women should get the same opportunities and recognition for their hard work.  Change won’t be overnight but we are moving in the right direction.

To celebrate, I shall share with you the strongest female characters from novels that took action to change their world:

The Handmaid’s Tale

My first holiday with friends (no parents), my little sister gave me The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood as a beach read.  I wouldn’t recommend it as a summer read but I couldn’t put the book down.  It was a page-turner and I honestly couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next.

Many women cannot have children in this post-nuclear world.  Offred is able to have children.  She becomes a slave to the rich and powerful to bear their children.  She may sound like a weak character because she complies but her spirit is strong and you can feel that she is going to bring change but as she is constantly watched it will be incredibly dangerous.

The book is worth reading.  Hulu recently created a TV series based on the novel and that is amazing too (next season out in April).

The Hunger Games

Sadly, I didn’t get to read the books before the film came out.  The series of books is by Suzanne Collins.  

It is set in a post-war world where the twelve districts have to send one girl and one boy (children) to compete in a TV Show called the Hunger Games to remind them about the innocent lives that are lost at war.  The MC, Katniss Everdeen, volunteers herself when her little sister’s name is called.  Her sacrifice makes her instantly likeable.  What makes her a strong woman is that she decides to break the system and through her actions, she inspires and leads a rebellion for change.

The Diary of a Young Girl

I think everyone has heard of Anne Frank, the little girl who hid from the Nazi’s and kept a diary of her life surviving a world war.  Her diary is a true account of what happened during her hiding.

I had no idea but apparently, there is a movie based on her diary.  It is also a long time since I read her diary but I remember it being very moving, insightful and thought-provoking.

You may think that Anne doesn’t deserve to make the list because she hid, she didn’t fight, she didn’t make a difference… or did she?  Writing her diary was extremely dangerous and brave.  Anne’s diary has been read all over the world making her voice clearly heard regarding what happened.  Her words have educated billions to change, to never let it happen again.  Her diary ensures we never forget.


The book Matilda is written by Roald Dahl.  I had read the book and watched the movie.

You may think it’s strange that she has made the list but she lived with a family that didn’t encourage or support her desire to read or go to school.  As young as she is, she fought for her rights.  It probably did help having telekinesis powers.

Shifter series

Okay, I promise I am not being biased on this one, even though the series really captured me and is my all-time favourite.  Let me explain why I think the MC is a strong woman.

The story is based around Faythe’s family who are all shifters (werecats/Panthers).  It is set in today’s world but humans don’t know they exist.  The shifters world is very male-dominated and the daughters are to be protected.  Faythe’s father is training her to become the first female leader and she is the first female enforcer.  During the series, she has to overcome a number of challenges to prove herself and it is very action packed.

The first title in the series is Stray by Rachel Vincent.  I have no idea why this book has still not been made into a movie/series yet.  It is so good!

What do you think?

To me, these women are all powerful and strong as the characters were overcoming difficulties that restricted them from being all they could be.  Their actions brought around change.

Is there anyone you think I should have included in my top 5 list?  Any books you recommend I read that feature strong women?  Please comment and share your thoughts.

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