3 Things to do, FOR YOU, before baby is due

There are loads of things you need to do before your baby arrives but here I list the top three things to do, for you.

Pamper day

There are lots of lovely treatment bundles offered for pregnant women. However, you can choose individual treatments and make your own bundle.

I choose to get a manicure as I didn’t want my nails to ruin my newborn’s pictures. I got a pedicure as I struggle to reach my feet now and a foot massage really helps bring down the swelling. I got a lash lift & tint so I don’t need to worry about mascara when going makeup free.

I like treatments that make my life easier. Although, now she is late I may need to get my nails redone.

NB: You may need to remove nail polish at hospital if you need certain procedures, for example a c-section.

Making Memories

I knew as I get more pregnant I would find it harder to do things but I still wanted to make memories with my son. We had a lovely day out with friends at Colchester zoo. It was hard walking around but the smile on his face made it worthwhile.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I’ve planned activities for my son to go out with his grandparents. He had a week crash course in swimming with his Grandma, a Festival day with his granddad and next week he’s out with his nanny. This has enabled him to have fun and for me to rest a little. I’m so grateful for the supportive network I have around me.

When he went to the festival, my husband and I got to have a lovely childfree meal together. We also did some chores I was struggling to get done at home and although the house isn’t looking spotless, it does look so much better.

Some couples go on a baby moon (last holiday as a couple before baby arrived). I would like to have done this with my husband but we needed to use our time off work to cover the absence of childcare during school holidays and didn’t have enough days left for anything else. However, we were going to Centre Parcs when I found out I was pregnant so you could say we had a family moon (last holiday as a family before adding another child).


Bump pics

I have really struggled with this. Often I am so busy with Noah I forget about myself. I also feel huge, not well and tired which make me not in the mood to have my photo taken.

We tried a family day out at the beach and took pictures but my belly popped out in an unsightly way that made me look like Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances.

Fortunately, I finally got some pictures when I hit the 40 weeks milestone by simply taking some pics at home.

If you can afford a professional shoot then go for it. I did with my first and love the photos taken but the hidden costs made it way more expensive than I anticipated which is why I didn’t go for it this time. Click here for my tips on booking a shoot.

I hope you found my list useful. I’d love to hear what you did, for you, before baby arrived.

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What’s in my maternity hospital bag?

With my first I left packing my bag until the day I went into labour and although I’ve tried to be more organised this time, it’s still not fully packed.

My bag is an overnight bag using an old small suitcase, the sort you can take on a cheap flight as carry on luggage. I’m not planning on staying in longer unless there is a complication. If that happens, my hubby can bring me more stuff.

For labour

Hypnobirthing Parents’ Workbook: RRP £10.00

We bought this book as part of the free antenatal course delivered by our local midwives.  Click here to read my article about hypnobirthing.

Neom: Aromatherapy mist – RRP £8.00

I wasn’t sure which scent to buy so got one of each to try. Most aromatherapy oils seem to be a pippet liquid oil or roller ball pulse point. I liked the idea of a mist as I can spritz the air or some fabric. I also got their mini hand creams to try.

Kindle fire: It was a gift but google says about £50.00

As my hubby has amazon prime we were able to download the music used during our hypnobirth course for free. It will also double up as entertainment as I can read, watch movies, play games and browse the internet.

Snacks: Various

Currently, these are my emergency snacks from my locker at work – I brought them home on my last day. I’m planning on ordering a graze box as I got free vouchers in my bounty packs. I really fancied JOM Candy but it’s not easy to buy.

Joseph Joseph: water bottle – £9.00 but I think I got mine half price in a sale.

The bottle never leaks and I like the clicks feature. Keeping hydrated during labour is very important.


Scarf:  Bought years ago by a friend years ago when popular as sarong and shawls.  These can be used during labour to do the Rebozo techniques.

Stay Cool Ice Towel:  Whilst shopping for a fan I saw this and it sounds amazing.  You just add water and it stays cool for hours.  It is used by sporty people but I’m going to use it in labour.  It is currently on order as I had to wait until pay day but I’m hoping it will arrive in time.

Travel brush & hair bands: When it gets hot, it is useful to tie my hair back. Also, handy to make myself look presentable when I get cleaned up afterwards.

For baby

M&Co: Seven piece start set – RRP £18.00

The trickiest thing is guessing what size your baby will be. With my first I had tiny baby and newborn clothes. He was 8 pounds 12 ounces and fit in newborn clothes for a week.

This time, all I’ve packed is a set from M&Co in size newborn. This set is great value for money and all you need. It consists of a vest, top, trousers, sleepsuit, two bibs and a hat.

Kit & Kin: Size 1, panda, pack of 20 – RRP £4.00

I got these eco nappies from Boots so I could collect my club card points. I’ve got a few different nappies but these are hands down the cutest.

Organyc: Cotton wool pads – RRP £2.48

Newborn skin is so sensitive and you should use only water to clean their bums for as long as possible. You’ll get told to use cotton wool balls but they can get stuck to sticky poo – the first baby poo is like black tar. I found the pads much better.

Naty: Sensitive wipes (unscented) – RRP £2.95

I plan to use cotton wool and water to clean her bum but packed these just in case things get messy. They are eco friendly and only use safe ingredients. I got them in an ambassador deal (click here to learn more).

The Little Art Collection: Poppy Muslim – RRP £12.50

Mopping up baby sick is one of the unglamorous tasks of being a mum but this beautiful muslin makes it so much better. It is super soft and I plan use it for swaddling, as a blanket or feeding cover up. It’s too pretty for sick (except if the bibs run out).

Hipp Organic: Combiotic first infant milk (6x 90ml booties with teats) – RRP £8.00

I’m planning to breast feed again but got these incase I can’t. If I’m going to give my baby formula I want chemical free and as natural as possible. In addition, these pre-made bottles are sterilised and ready when you are. With Noah, I kept these in my changing bag for emergencies like if a creepy man kept staring – thankfully it never happened. It did come in useful when I left him with my mum and a leaky bottle of expressed milk. The lid wasn’t on tight and my milk was lost, luckily my mum was able to use one of these.

For me

Happy Mama: Breast feeding nightdress – RRP £11.62

There was also a matching robe but I remember how hot the ward was in November, so I expect it will be hotter than hell in August. The less layers the better.

Cottons: Maternity pads with wings – RRP £3.95

Buying sanitary products is never exciting but I got mine from My Pure. This online store knocks £5 off of you buy five products (encourages you to stock up). In addition, they have a selection of free gifts if you spend £30 in one transaction. I got a Madara face peel mask (RRP £24) and the next time I chose the PHB Ethical Beauty pressed eye shadow (RRP £9.99). It certainly made me more excited to get my order.

Breast pad:

  • Lansinoh – free samples from bounty
  • Little lamb – £11.25 washable pads
  • Theraline Mamma Pads – £9 reusable invisible pressure pads (sticks to skin and prevents leaks whilst sleeping)

Last time, I found the washable pads brilliant as they were so absorbent and saved me money or having to keep ordering pads. The only issue I had was leaking in the night, so, I’m hoping Theraline will be the answer to that little problem.

Book: Who runs the world – RRP £7.99

I bought this at FBF after the author talk. It’s set in the future and about a world where a virus has almost wiped all men out so most women have never seen one.  Click here to read my post about this book.

Note pad with pen: Various/Gifts

I don’t think I’m allowed to charge my kindle or phone at hospital (except for the purpose of hypnobirthing), plus there may be no WiFi! So, I will take some offline resources to enjoy.

Disaster Designs: Boho Make-up bag – £24.95

I actually don’t own a make up bag as I rarely take makeup out with me. This was a treat to myself and very pretty. I don’t intend to wear much makeup whilst in hospital, so all I have packed is:

  • Vapour: Concealer
  • Lue by Jean Seo: Blemish treatment
  • RMS: Signature set – Mod collections (contains master mixer, living luminizer, smile lip2cheek, spell lip2cheek and cococa lip/skin balm)
  • Pacifica: BB cream
  • Axiology: lipstick (shade The Goodness)

I recently got a lash lift & tint so don’t need mascara.

Disaster Designs: Boho Wash bag – £29.95

Whilst treating myself to the makeup bag, I had to get the matching wash bag which is so spacious. Inside, I will pack:

  • Bloomtown: Roller ball perfume
  • Salt of the Earth: Natural deodorant
  • Lucky Cloud: Balm Cleanser
  • Bespoke Aroma: Facial Mist (Toner)
  • Green People: Moisturiser & face oil
  • Concious Skincare: Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Pacifica: Body wash
  • Isla: Body oil
  • A’Kin: Dry shampoo
  • Pacifica: Deodorant wipes
  • Tooth brush & tooth paste

I’ve been collecting sample/travel sizes from my subscription boxes to save space in my bag. I also hope I won’t need to use the dry shampoo or deodorant wipes but they are just incase I need to freshen up and can’t wait to use the facilities (festival style).

Coming home outfit: I’ve packed a black nursing vest that doesn’t need a bra and a black floral maxi skirt with a stretchy waist band. I’ve packed three pairs of big comfy knickers.

My hubby can bring more if I stay longer but I’m so big now that most my maternity clothes are limited and in constant use. If I stay in, he’ll just bring me whatever’s clean (and may have to do laundry).

Coming home

Car seat: This time we bought a travel system and got the MeeGo Milano. The car seat is part of the package.

Baby hat: As it is August, I won’t be dressing her in a coat but she does need a hat (hospital rule) to be allowed to leave. As there’s one in the M&Co set, we’re sorted.

What have you packed?

Did you pack any essentials that I’ve missed? How late did you leave packing your bag?

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Hypnobirthing – what is it?

For the past two weeks my husband and I have been attending Hypnobirthing classes.

Last time, we attended a traditonal antenatal and I didn’t feel I got much more out of it than what I had already read. At the time hynobirthing was a private course costing about £300 (from memory). We couldn’t afford that.

This time, the NHS are offering it for free so I jumped on it. My husband wasnt’t sure he wanted to go as it all sounds a bit hippy to him. My midwife said it is for me and my birthing partner so he has to attend.

We were required to buy the book for £10, download the music and bring a birthing (gym) ball.

Our course was split over two days and was delivered by a local community midwife that has been in the profession for years. She covers shifts at our local hospital, so was very famillar with the wards we would be using.

Day 1

We started with an introduction to hypnobirth to help us understand what the course will cover and manage our expectations.

We then did some exercises to understand the power of the mind and the use of language to influence our feelings. On a white board we came up with positive language for labour to replace negative words:

We then were taught surge breathing and how to break the Stress Tension Pain cycle. This lead to understanding the hormones are bodies produce in response to situations and those that help labour and those that are counter productive.

After lunch, we covered the different phases of labour and what to do to help our body be most effective at each stage.

We then learnt another breathing technique called ’J’ breathing which helps to move the baby down and out.

We watched some videos of women ’breathing’ their babies out and making it look very easy. I got very emotional as it brought back the feeling when my son was first placed in my arms.

We ended by covering the benefits of delayed cord clamping which is when you wait until the pulsating stops – it is usually only takes a few extra minutes. We covered the different methods of delivering the placenta and told why the vitamin K injection is important.

Day 2

We covered how gravity is our friend. It is very important to keep moving in labour and stay upright as this helps move the baby down. We were shown why a bed birth is not the optimum method.

To use gravity, use:

  • A floor mat
  • A bean bag
  • A birth ball
  • A birthing stool
  • Rebozo (a scarf)

We we’re shown some good positions and how to use a scarf to move the baby. The techniques had names like ’shaking the apples’.

We then discussed the best position for baby. You want them head down, at the front (anterior) and on the left. The midwife used a skeleton diaphragm and doll to show us why. We were told babies move clockwise. Then she showed us some techniques to move baby into this optimum position.

We then did more breathing exercises and relaxation on mats to scripts read by our partners. Our partners we’re taught how to calm us if we are getting stressed and signs to look for. They were shown some massage techniques to help and we covered the power of touch.

We watched a video showing a supportive birthing partner to see the impact they have to improving the experience.

The midwife covered the other resources available to us at the hospital including other pain relief methods. She encouraged us that they are there if we need it and not to rule something out or be disappointed if our plans change.

We discussed resources to improve our environment and increase our oxytocin.

She told us about golden hour and the benefits of it. This when the baby has just been born and has skin to skin contact and often supports breast feeding (you can still do it with a bottle). It helps with bonding. If the mother needs medical attention, the father/birth partner can do this. Sometimes, it’s not possible if the baby needs medical attention.

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed the course and got a lot more out of it than I expected.

Firstly, it was brilliant quality time with my man. We were both so relaxed afterwards, it felt like we’d been on holiday.

Secondly, the course made me feel empowered and prepared for labour. I feel excited about labour rather than afraid it will hurt or could go wrong. I’m focussed on the positive affirmations.

Thirdly, I liked how informative it was and not pushy. There was no anti-talk. It was positive and inclusive of everyone. The techniques were backed by scientific facts explaining why it works (like our hormonal responses or the way a baby moves down).

The breathing has made my baby more active – she’s been lazy until now. I love surge breathing as I get to feel her wriggle about.

I like all the exercises and tips we received to support an optimum birth – oxygen, gravity, positivity. I feel my husband is clearer about how he can support me. He has written some positive affirmations to put up round the house like subliminal messages.

I would recommend giving it a go. The techniques you learn will benefit you for life – how to relax and be positive. The course also covers the other options so if hypnobirthing isn’t for you then you are still prepared.


I plan to post after the big day on how my labour went so I’ll let you know if any of the techniques I learnt helped or not.

Have you done hypnobirthing? Do you use positive affirmations or relaxation in your life?

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Dry eyes

This is just a short post. I planned to photograph my old foundations and write a review on them all as an ultimate guide for pale skinned girls. Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be.

My dry eyes

Instead, I’ve been suffering with dry eyes. It feels like I’ve got something in my eye and they are on fire.

Sun lotion

At first, I thought it was sun lotion so bought a sun lotion specifically for face use. I was in a rush so I bought Malibu from Savers. It was only £2.99 and came with a lip balm. I’m not sure it meets with my ethical standards as I was in a rush but it works and it is budget friendly.


Then, I thought perhaps I had suddenly become sensitive to my mascara so I ordered a trusted old favourite (Pacifica’s water resistant one). Lucy Rose Biz had an offer on where I got a free BB Cream if I spent £30 so I bought two mascaras (one black, one blue).


Next, I thought I had hay fever as my eyes kept watering. The pharmacist said I couldn’t take anything whilst pregnant. She suggested rubbing vaseline on my nose. I don’t use vaseline. Instead, I use Akamuti’s petroleum free jelly.


Whilst seeing the Optician, I asked if they had any tips. The Optician looked at my eyes and told me she didn’t believe I have hay fever but dry eyes. She explained that after a long winter and sudden heat wave, my eyes couldn’t keep moisturised. This made sense as it was really bad on the super hot days. She gave me eye drops called artificial tears which has provided some relief.


As a redhead, I’m used to shunning the sun like a vampire but my eyes have never been affected before.

The sun is making my eyes so sore. I treated myself to two massive sun hats from Primark (I don’t usually wear hats) and have my eye on another one from the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

My husband bought me some lovely big Lipsy sunglasses which have also helped as they are so sensitive in the day light. I feel like a vampire.

Pregnancy and dry eyes

I searched ‘Dry eyes and pregnancy’ and found it is caused by the hormones not creating tears like they usually do. It often happens during the 2nd or 3rd trimester and affects a second or greater pregnancy. Usually the symptoms go after pregnancy – let’s hope so!

Tips to deal with it are:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid screens (Tv, PC, Tablet, Kindle, Mobile, etc)
  • Avoid air con
  • Use a humidifier
  • Wear wrap around sunglasses
  • Use artificial tears
  • Eat omega 3 (salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flax seed)
  • Use a face mist

Seriously thinking of getting a face mist and have me eye on the Caudalie one.

As a result, I haven’t written the post I wanted because I’ve been resting my eyes. Screens irritate them as much as the sun. I now drive with a tissue to dab my tears.

Here’s a pic of me out for dinner this weekend and not writing!

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TTC – Getting Pregnant

This is a very personal post that I hope will help other people that may be struggling with wanting to start a family but for whatever reason can’t.

My first TTC journey

I wanted a baby long before my other half was on-board with the idea.  I wouldn’t dream of tricking anyone into such a serious commitment and life changing decision, so, I waited patiently until he was ready…


We bought a house, we got engaged, we got married – still, he was enjoying it being just the two of us.

I told him everything accept how badly I wanted a baby.  I didn’t want to put pressure on him to change his mind and knew it was important for him to make that choice himself.

The waiting almost killed me.  I was hid it from my husband out of fear it might guilt him into agreeing.  I went for my pill check up and broke down with my doctor.  My doctor gave me my combination pill (as I requested it) but encouraged me to talk to my husband and start a family.

Instead, I spent my evenings locked away in my bathroom, alone with my thoughts. A world without my baby wasn’t a world that felt right.  I wondered if I had missed my chance, was getting too old, perhaps I was never meant to have babies. I cried that maybe my husband would never change his mind but I couldn’t leave him – he was the one.  But,  I wasn’t sure how long I could wait for him; I was losing faith.  I felt helpless.

I began thinking of taking my life.  I didn’t want anyone in my life to know how deep my struggle ran because I didn’t want them to blame themselves when I was gone and think they could have saved me.  Even today, a lot of the closest people are likely to not be aware how bad things got for me.  My husband noticed in the evenings, I was hiding myself away and grew concerned. He encouraged me to see the doctor.  I was diagnosed me with chronic stress and offered antidepressants but turned them down because I feared if my husband might changed his mind that my body would be full of drugs, instead, I took the option of counselling.  Whilst, I waited for the referral I started talking. I confided in one of my best friend and husband. By the time the NHS was able to help me with counselling, I no longer needed it.


My husband was ready to start trying but now needed my mind to be in a better mental state.  Once, we were both ready, I came off the pill but I was so desperate for a baby, I wanted it here 5 years ago and did everything in my power to increase my changes of falling quickly (so, I thought).

Putting pressure on myself to fall quickly, made getting pregnant more difficult.  I didn’t noticed what I was doing as I was obssessed and the need to be pregnant was all consuming.  I took folic acid, multi-vitamins, cods liver oil, hemp oil, casava-root pills, any other supplements suggested to boost fertility.  I kept a spreadsheet to keep track of what I had taken and at what point in my cycle. I took cough medicine to thin my cervical mucus.  I even imported Clomid from India. I was using pre-seed, certain sex positions, resting after sex with my legs in the air and strictly sex every other day – it made sex a chore! I was doing ovulation and pregnancy tests and dealing with the heartache of each negative result. After, 9 months I began to count down to seeing my doctor to discuss fertility options and tried to gain wait as my BMI was just below what is accepted for IVF.


Then, I sold my house and moving stole my focus. Whilst I wasn’t focused on getting pregnant, I got pregnant.

Finally, I had my son.  I will never forget how having him has made me feel complete.  He really did save my life.  I don’t think I could have gone on much longer without him being part of my world.


My second TTC journey

This time, I wasn’t in a rush. I was now already a mother. If Noah was all the children I’d ever have, I would be thankful for that.  My husband made me promise that I wouldn’t go crazy again.

All I did was switch my contraceptive pill for a prenatal multi vitamin and we had sex when we felt like it – we kept it fun.  I was shocked when in the first cycle I fell pregnant.

What my TTC journeys taught me:

TTC Info Graphic

If you are on your TTC journey, I wish you the best of luck. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you need help at any stage.

If you have been successful – congratulations.  What was it that worked for you?

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3 Easy Activities for Kids at a Gender Reveal Party

Amazon let me down!  I ordered my party supplies and they arrived just as the party finished.  I didn’t let that ruin the day.  Oh no, I took to Pintrest and I got my sister to help me out with her Guide Leader experience.

I hadn’t wanted the party to be a big deal.  Just a get together with my best friends and immediate family so I could share our good news altogether.  Most importantly, I wanted the focus to be about Noah becoming a big brother.


Insta - food.png

I had some amazing idea boards on Pinterest and had fallen in love with the idea of a Mad Hatters tea party theme.  I ran out of time for that so had to come up with a new idea.

My table spread consisted of:

  • Healthy snacks – fruit (nectarines, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) and vegetables for dips and snack cucumbers
  • Savoury snacks – cheese pizza, chicken nugget (with ketchup in egg cups) and crisps
  • Sweet snacks – selection of cakes and biscuits

The juice jug was a titled jug.  I used Mr Kipplings cakes as they are sealed (prevents kids poking them before they have committed to eating them).

The centre piece was a cake from Morrisons with a surprise center (multi coloured sweets) and I just added a ‘Girl or Boy?’ cake topper bought from Etsy.

By putting the healthy stuff at the front, the children were encouraged to eat the fruit and veg – it worked!  They were the first be eaten.


Insta - gender crafts

We had a number of activities for the kids in celebration of a new baby.  These were:

Little bean

You will need:

  • egg carton
  • soil
  • runner bean seeds

My sister brought soil, beans and an egg carton. She cut the carton up to make little pots for each of them to grow their own (runner) bean.  They put soil in their carton and planted their bean and watered it.

Baby face plates

You will need:

  • paper plates
  • a section of craft bits i..e pens, pencils, crayons, glue, fluffy balls, fuzzy bendy wires

My sister had brought a ‘one I made earlier’ plate for the children to see what they could achieve.  They then each had a paper plate and used pens, glue and fluffy bits and paper to decorate their plate and make a baby face.

Volcano – gender reveal

You will need:

  • a tray
  • a small bottle (i.e. Robinsons fruit shoot)
  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda (baking soda in US)
  • 200ml vinegar
  • food colouring (pink/blue – depending on the gender)
  • measuring jug
  • measuring cups

The children really came to my rescue as they helped with an activity I had never done before.

  1. I added the secret ingredient before we started and secured the bottle (Robinson Fruit Shoot) to an old baking tray using masking tape.
  2. The children covered the bottle in play-doh to make a rainbow mountain volcano (and helped secure it further).
  3. We then used a 1/4 cup for measuring the bi-carbonate of soda to a measuring jug (this enabled them all to have a turn), then used the jug to pour this into the bottle.  Using a measuring jug made it easier to get into the neck of the bottle.
  4. We then added vinegar, carefully and slowly to reveal blue or pink.


Insta - cuddles

My little nephew was a star at the party as we were all in baby mode.  Everyone wanted a cuddle with him and he was a really good sport about being passed around.  The children listened carefully about supporting his head and were incredibly gentle with him.

I was really proud of all the kids. They really made this party awesome.

My room decorations and confetti cannon from Amazon did not arrive in time but I think the end result showed me that you don’t need those things to throw a good Gender Reveal party.

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Baby Announcement

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while now.  Let me catch you up….

Positive test

Pregnancy tests.png

Friday, 24 November 2017:  I took a paper test (Ultra Early – 10mIU Pregnancy strip test) and got a positive result before I even missed a period (10DPO).  I repeated the test when my husband came home from work.  Then, did another test the next morning with first morning wee to be certain and ordered a Clear Blue Digital test from Amazon.

Monday, 27 November 2017:  The Clear Blue test arrived and spelled out the result “Pregnant”.  The test predicted I was 2-3 weeks (4-5 weeks pregnant) which was further along than I expected but this happened with my last pregnancy – I must have higher HcG than most women.

Clear Blue results

Above screenshot from Clear Blue website on interpreting the results of their test.

Based on the first day of my last period being 1 November 2018, I calculated I was 3 weeks pregnant (not 4 to 5 weeks like Clear Blue Digital) and that the baby would be due on 8 August 2018.

We headed off on a family holiday at Centre Parc.  It was lovely to have that time to ourselves as a family and celebrate our news.

Saturday, 2 December 2017:  We returned to holiday and I did two more tests.  To see if the line showed darker on the paper test and to see if the weeks progressed on the digital.

Copy of Pregnancy tests.png

First midwife appointment (Booking In)

5 January 2018:  My midwife wasn’t in so I saw a different midwife that was covering.  She went through the questionnaire with me about my family and history (lots of personal information) and ran some tests, took a urine sample and some blood samples.  She agreed with my LMP Due Date of 8 August 2018.

Bump pic.png

First Scan (Dating Scan) – 13 weeks, 4 days

29 January 2018:  So this was supposed to be my 12 week scan but the Sonographer measured the baby and estimated that I should was  further along than I predicted!  My due date was changed to 4 August 2018 and they booked a date for my mid-trimester scan.

First Scan (1).png

Meet the Midwife (Antenatal Check)

9 February 2018:  Finally, got to meet my midwife and she’s lovely.  She updated my paperwork with results of my blood tests and discussed my scan.

Mid-trimester Scan – 21 weeks

Saturday, 24 March 2018:  This scan was brought forward to 21 weeks as I had a few problems recently with bleeding.  It’s been pretty scary.

I heard the baby’s heartbeat on Thursday and again on Saturday – good strong healthy heart beat. The scan shows everything is as it should be and the placenta is not over my cervix.  I had a cervical exam which finally identified what was causing the bleeding.

I have an ectopia on my cervix (cervical ectropion).  Unfortunately, this can’t be treated whilst pregnant so I am going to have to put up with some bleeding.  The tricky thing will be deciding if I need to be checked out in future i.e. is the bleed accompanied with pain, or is their a lot of blood. I’ve come up with a plan with my midwife to help with this.

I feel better knowing that both the baby and myself are healthy. It is still scary to see blood though.

I’m pleased to say, over the Easter holidays I haven’t had anymore bleeding so hopefully that worry is over. *finger crossed*

Baby announcement IG - 21w.png

Gender Reveal

We did find out the sex and I am having a Gender Reveal party today with close friends and family to celebrate with us. I think it will be fun for Noah to discover if he is getting a brother or a sister with everyone around him.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to spill the beans.   Feel free to take a guess at the sex if you like…

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