Well, if you knew what was happening last month you would be seriously impressed that I managed to keep my blog going.

Not only that but I also:

  • Prepared for NaNo
  • Entered the Escalator competition
  • Organised my son’s 5th birthday party
  • AND, Did fun stuff in the half term

Some of the challenges I faced last month will become blog posts for others facing the same struggles.

The struggles of October

We ended September by attending a Christening. I couldn’t stay past dinner time as Aria suffers with bad colic roughly between 5pm and 9pm. I was just starting to get a good handle on it and I was going to write an article to share my tips on how to tackle colic based on what worked for us. However, the post never got finished as we faced a new challenge in October.

On Monday, 1st October, I took Aria for her 8 week vaccinations but the nurse wouldn’t give her the jab. She insisted Aria see a GP and made her an appointment for suspected jaundice. That was the beginning of a number of appointments leading to her being placed under Pediatric Assessment.

To this day, I am still unable to see the yellow that all the professionals can identify in her left eye. It resulted in a number of tests and hospital visits which I will write about soon. It has been a very testing time. I’m just thankful that it was never serious enough to be sent to another hospital or to require an overnight stay (yet). We have still not had a diagnosis and are waiting for several results. Her next assessment is mid November.

NaNoWriMo Preparation

As a result of the above, I am not full of confidence for NaNo. I barely managed to write my plot outline. I feel like life is fighting against my will to write. But, my children will always come first, especially concerning their health.

As always, I’ll give it a go because I strongly believe any progress, no matter how small, is better than no progress at all.

My wishes for November

I hope that Noah has a lovely birthday party. That Aria starts gaining weight and feeding better. I’d love to achieve NaNo. Most of all, I wish for good health for my family. And, it would be nice to go to a firework display.

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