Have you ever wished you had an image of your character? With Art Breeder you can.

I need to give thanks to author Elexis Bell for introducing me to the site. Check out her site, full of fabulous tips on writing, and her growing list of published books.

What is it?

The website generates a profile image by blending two images together and adjusting certain aspects of the face.

You can upload images you want to use but in the free version you are limited, I think it was five. But, using the images already available gives you more than enough options.

It takes a bit of playing to get the hang of it but it’s really addictive, especially as you start to see your character come to life.

Here’s their video to tell you more:

My characters

I created these in Art Breeder. They represent the main characters in Ocean Heart.

Characters of Ocean Heart created in Art Breeder.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you more about each of these characters.

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