Recently, on Instagram we have been discussion how to create a catchy novel title.  It appears to be a very personal decision.  Some people can’t name their novel until they have finished whereas I can’t start my novel until I have a name for it.  Although, as you will see,my ‘working’ titles are not set in stone. 

Catchy Novel Title Infographic


Here is a collection of some of the covers I have created for my debut novel over the years (there are more).  I am now going with Ocean Heart.  

Originally my book was called Drift.  You will also notice one called Wipeout.  At one point my novel was two books but during a brutal edit, I cut loads and they became one.  

In 2019, I tore my novel apart (again), deleted loads and added new content.  It changed so much since the first draft, I renamed it Jewel of the sea.  

jewel of the sea cover 2019

My novel is now set for a new venture as I enter the world of Self Publishing.  Now, I am paying for editors and working with other professionals to take my novel to print.  As a result I have renamed my novel again.  The new title is Ocean Heart.  

I have no idea what the new cover will look like.  Once I finish my current edit and know the final word count, I will instruct a professional cover designer.  But for now… edits. 

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