Earlier this week I published the new improved chapter 19 and 20 but I didn’t have time to write about it on my blog.

Chapter 19 is told from Gwyn’s perspective in third person which is different from the rest of the novel.  I wondered whether to cut this chapter out completely but I decided to keep it as the foreshadowing is important for the readers tension.  

How do you feel about changing the point of view within a novel?

Click here to read chapter 19

Chapter 20 took a little longer to edit as the original chapter was a whopping 5k words.  Often my chapters are quite short and I have to merge them together to make a better length.  This is because I’m naturally a fan of short chapters, so I have no idea how this happened.  And, I need to add in more content between the scenes so this word count is going to get bigger.  I decided to cut it into two chapters but it may even become three chapters.

Do you prefer long or short chapters?

Click here to read chapter 20.

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4 thoughts on “Jewel of the Sea – Chapter 19 & 20

  1. With Mystical Greenwood I chose to split my chapters in two as I felt they were too long, and with long chapters at night at times I’ve found myself having to find a place to stop when I knew it was time to go to sleep.

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