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Every year billions of books are published. Here is a mini shortlist of some I am closely following and excitedly anticipating their release.

The Weavers by Ania Whitely

Ania is known as LondonGirlWrites on Instagram. I’ve been following her journey to publication for over two years and somehow missed the release during the December holidays. As soon as I realised, I ordered it.

Released 22 December 2022

A Garden of Pawns by Katelyn Uhrich

I am still reading book one, A Choice of Essence, as an eBook. It’s so good I’m thinking of buying a physical copy and want to get my hands on book two!

Releases February 2022

When Our World’s Collide by Danielle Jawando

I discovered Danielle via Net Galley and was fortunate enough to ARC read her Debut novel And The Stars Were Burning Brightly. I loved it so much I bought a physical copy. I have also applied to ARC read her new release & preordered the book.

Releases 31 March 2022

The Guidal: Discovering Puracordis by Roxy Eloise

Roxy was a PitMad success story. We met via Instagram and collaborated together on a post to help people with pitching their books called 7 Secrets to PitMad Success.

Releasing 2 April 2022

Wolf Bait by Ciara Delahunt

Ciara was one of the authors that joined my Street Team to help spread the word for Ocean Heart’s release. Now she is working on the release of her debut shifter novel, Wolf Bait. But, if you cannot wait, you can sign up to her news letter to get the sequel Killer Instinct.

Sorceress of Flame by J.D. Groom

Following Jodie’s story publishing her debut novel Sorceress of Truth inspired me to go indie, and she’s been very supportive answering my questions, and even was part of my Street Team. I’ve waited over a year for this book and I’m desperate to read it.


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