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There were a few books I started in 2021 that I never got around to finished. It was nothing wrong with the books, I just had a lot going on and then I lost where I was.

I hate the idea of logging a book as a DNF. It feels like quitting , especially as I really was enjoying some of these books. Some I still consider myself as currently reading. Hopefully, I’ll finish them in 2022.

Fish Bone Alley by David F Burrows

A satire historical detective novel. This isn’t my usual read but the author is a lovely person, and it is quite funny. The chapters feel like short stories so I feel this will be easy to come back to.

Court Out by Deb McEwan

This is marketed as YA Fiction but it didn’t feel like YA too me. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and that made it difficult to get into. I might try again with fresh eyes…

A Choice of Essence by Katelyn Uhrich

This MG Fantasy book is incredible. What I’ve read so far is amazing and I restarted it with my son. I have the eBook but I love it so much I might buy a physical copy too. 😍

Fate of the Blue Moon by H B Lynn

This shifter fantasy book ticks all my boxes. It feels well researched and is a good grounding to the series. I have all the books so I want to get into this.

Forever Burn by Trinity Lemm

This complex college romance kept me entertained with my broken ankle. I stopped at a point where I was angry at the love interest, but as I have book two waiting for me, I’ll have to give him a second chance to make it right.

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff

This is truly the book I am currently reading. It’s really good but it’s a big book and as a slow reader it’ll likely take me until the end of 2022 to finish. 😅


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