Finding less known indie books is a pain in the butt, akin to wading through a street of poop in search of gold nuggets. Luckily for you, I did the…

Saturday Spotlight #1

Guess who is in the Spotlight?

If you guessed me, then you’re right. I was tagged in a tweet and when I checked out the article, I was blown away to see OCEAN HEART was listed as a book to take notice of!

There is something special about being the first to discover something incredible. You know, when you share a song with a friend that they never heard of and it becomes their favourite too.

Indie books don’t have the same platform as books with major publishers backing them. I have no idea how Vee_Bookish discovered OCEAN HEART but I’m so happy she did, and that it made a big enough impression for her to share it.

I was impressed that her post had images and blurbs for all the books, and easy links for her readers to add it on Goodreads or buy it.

I can’t express my thanks enough and how happy it makes me. If you love books, I urge you to check out her post, try a less well known book and enjoy the rest of her content.

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