My work in progress, Jewel of the Sea, has romance, coming of age and friendship but one of the strongest themes is metamorphosis.
Mariah begins as a shy girl that hides behind her best friend but by the end she has matured and started to blossom into a young woman. In addition, she starts out unaware she is a mermaid. But, by the end she has mastered turning into a mermaid and controlling her emotions that trigger her weather manipulation powers.
Tell me about what theme is strongest in your story. 

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5 thoughts on “What theme is heavily portrayed in your story?

  1. I think I already mentioned this on Twitter, but in my book Mystical Greenwood one of the key themes is the sacred importance of Nature and humanity’s connection to her; another that reviewers have liked is Dermot’s own metamorphosis into a mature young man who cares for those around him, especially wildlife.

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