This a summary of the highs and lows of my writing this month.

Hitting 300 Followers

This might not be a lot for some blogs but for mine it is an epic milestone. I think I should celebrate.


Oh dear! I really haven’t made much progress on this. It’s rather disappointing. But, I won’t let it defeat me.

Next month is Camp NaNo and I will be taking part. Together with my reading notes and developmental feedback, I will be attempting to achieve a hefty goal of editing 85k words ready for ARC readers.

World Indie Warriors Brochure

I was still chasing authors for content in March. I mainly had to work on my mobile phone. With an increased interest and a new design and look, this was a much bigger project thank I anticipated.

Somehow, I managed to get the proofs out a week before the end date. There were a few amendments requested and I got these done and a preview posted on the Facebook page for everyone to see while we worked on uploading it to the website. When I say we… I passed this task to J D Groom as I didn’t want to mess the website up.

Working From Home

With Covid-19 on the rise many of the companies I visit are either working from home or no longer accepting visitors.

This has involved me having to adapt my working practice to the changing business world. I have been preparing resources I need to enable me to work from home. And, I’ve been preparing my students for how online learning and assessments will work.

I’ve also been supporting colleagues with the change and finding news ways to keep connected. My greatest challenge will be working and keeping two kids entertained and out of trouble.

Home Schooling

Due to Covid-19, all schools are now closed except to students of critical key workers that have no other option. This is to reduce contact.

I am a bit nervous about my ability to do this but I’ll try my best. There are lots of people online supporting each other and sharing resources.

My difficulty is that I won’t be able to give Noah my full attention as I will be working and caring for Aria.


If you follow my blog, you will be aware I have been concerned about this disease since I learned about the outbreak in Wuhan back in January.

Back then I felt silly about my fears. My worry about an outbreak in the UK seemed irrational. It is unlike me to worry about such things. But, I felt so strongly I embarrassed myself in-front of friends and family by raising my concerns and encouraging social distancing.

Now the government is encouraging social distancing. It frustrates me that some people still don’t get it but now those I love are starting to see how serious this is.

My heart goes out to my best friend and her colleagues working in a London hospital on the frontlines.

Mother’s Day

This was an odd Mother’s Day. I didn’t visit my mum. I called and told her I love her, to stay safe and if she wanted anything from the shops.

Noah had made me a card at school. He had hid it so well at home he couldn’t find it so Rob helped him make a new one. Rob had bought me a gift from the kids and a perfume. I felt very spoilt and loved.

It was an uneventful day but I got to cuddle my kids and we are healthy. And, right now, that’s all I want. Good health for all.

Story Seller Academy by Pagan Malcolm

I have not had time to look anymore at the course or content. Now the brochure is done, I’m hoping I will have some free time to appreciate my access to this fabulous course.

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